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French manufacturer of concrete machines

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Bush hammers made in France

For several years, dedicated to offer quality products « Made in France », we have launched our own range of concrete & natural stone bush hammers for either planetary or hand grinders. We manufacture bush hammers that will allow you to generate different types of finish: rustic, fine, very fine or even sandblasting finish.

The SH270MLC: a very affordable "made in France" grinding machine

The SH270MLC grinding machine joins in the range of our grinding machines we have created and are constantly improving since 2014. This machine, manufactured in France, is even more compact than the SH270M for a total weight of 58 kg. It can drive plates up to 270 mm in diameter thanks to its 2,2 kW single-phase motor with double capacitor.

Which grinding wheel will work best for removing resin mortar?

Test of Gold, Rino and 1/4 cylinder PCD grinding wheel.

Multipurpose cleaner FC270

The multipurpose cleaner FC270 is two in one: high pressure lance or rotary cleaner, it will be very effective to clean your concrete floors. It has a 20 HP motor with a pressure of 270 bars. It is easy to set up thanks to its quick coupling systems.

Bush hammering Scoot

The Bush hammering Scoot allows you to transform your variable speed grinder into a mini bush hammering machine. Simply install the system on the grinder, screw on the bush-hammer plate and you're done!

Wall grinding system

This height-adjustable system is made of two telescopic ladders, a central track, a trolley and a so-called « spring balancer » system so that the operator no longer has to carry the weight of the grinder. It is entirely custom-made: you can choose the length of the rail or, for example, connect several rails to allow different operators to work simultaneously on the same system.

Scoot assembly

The Scoot is a simple and cool device that will transform your standard angle grinder or polisher into an effective planer. This video explain step by step, how to assembly your Scoot.

Stand-Up Scoot

Bush-hammer upright with your grinder, without damaging your back or knees.

SH320T grinding machine

Discover in pictures the efficiency of our SH320T grinding machine, made in France.


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